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Most of UK’s pilgrims going for Shifting Hajj have concerns about traveling distance from Aziziya and their diverse requirements. Hajj pilgrims also have one desire in common – provision of best facilities at low-prices in their shifting arrangement. Safa Marwah Travel’s Shifting Hajj specialists have curated highly personalised 5 star Shifting Hajj packages ranging from half-board 5-star group Shifting Hajj packages with quad-sharing rooms at Aziziya, affordable all-inclusive 5 star family Shifting Hajj packages with deluxe connected suites, to cost-effective 5 star senior citizen Shifting Hajj packages having comfortable shuttle service from Aziziya town to Makkah and spacious rooms with amenities for superior comfort with their 5 star property closest to Haram – making the difficult Hajj journey a bit easier. Safa Marwah Travel is a leading ATOL protected travel operator in the UK and all our Shifting Hajj experts are IATA certified who use their 15 years of experience serving 8000+ Hajjis from UK to devise these 5 star Shifting Hajj packages that include comfortable flights, premium-standard luxury apartments in Aziziya that are no less than a five-star in terms of services and accommodation, ground transportation in luxury vehicles and diverse cuisine options at the accommodation. Our Shifting Hajj specialists cater these packages with pre-arranged qurbani and fulfilment of any special requests depending on your needs. They remain in close liaison with and leverage their long-term affiliation with top travel service providers to arrange for you the best vehicles from luxury sedans & bigger SUVs to comfortable Vans & buses depending on your luggage, number of persons and spatial requirements in these Shifting Hajj packages while you’re traveling between Miqat, Mina and the Haram, when you’ve been booked under these packages.

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We are a popular Umrah Agency in UK. Here, offering cost-effective deals is just one of many solutions available, we also design custom packages for a wholesome Hajj Experience.

Experience Full-fledged Facilities by Booking Our Dexterously Designed Affordable All-inclusive 5-Star Shifting Hajj Packages from UK

Shifting Hajj pilgrims must devote most of their time and energies in seeking Allah’s blessings and performing the Manasiq-e-Hajj by being free of any worldly thoughts and problems. For this, Hajjis should be relaxed & assured that all their accommodation, transportation and food related needs will be fully taken care of on every step of their greater pilgrimage. The shifting Hajj specialists at Safa Marwah understand the obvious and potential inconveniences that’ll be problematic during your Hajj journey, and to remove any unanticipated troubles, they have adroitly designed all-inclusive 5-star Shifting Hajj packages 2024 ranging from cheap all-inclusive shifting Hajj packages in the month of Dhul Hijjah with 24/7 shuttle service included to affordable luxury all-inclusive 5 star shifting Hajj packages with breakfast, lunch and dinner included along with 24/7 front desk service available, and cost-effective all-inclusive 5 star shifting Hajj packages offering complimentary trip to other religious & historical places of significance. Being the travel service provider of choice for Muslim pilgrims in the UK during Hajj season, our travel experts go two steps ahead of other providers to make sure you get all the desired amenities from toiletries and hot water to excellent room service as you’re tired and make your way back to your excellent 5 star property at Aziziya in these all-inclusive Shifting Hajj packages 2024. Our network of close association with 500+ 5-star properties in the town of Aziziya allows our travel experts to arrange special food for vegetarians, children and elderly along with diverse cuisine options and quad-sharing for groups in these packages. Also, apart from the three-time food, you and your companions can also have complimentary snacks and beverages when hungry during your returns at any time of the day inside these packages. After gathering a lot of data and feedback from our more than 6000 shifting Hajj clients, our experts curate these packages in a way that your package is fully customised to the your needs depending on your flight preferences, hotel stay in Makkah as well after the Hajj, number of pilgrims, special requests during this holy trip, tour guide assistance need, complimentary shuttle service provision and a host of various factors so you can fully focus on successfully performing the rites of Hajj from wearing complimentary ihram to final days in Mina and the journey afterwards – all included in these packages.

Have the Shifting Hajj Experience of Choice by Booking Our Skillfully Created Cheapest 5 star Shifting Hajj Packages

Shifting Hajj pilgrims from the UK often look for the second best 5-star properties in Aziziya when the best and closest to Haram 5 star properties are already booked. The 4-5 KM travel is not considered a big issue if the Hajjis are otherwise provided with excellent amenities and services at their Aziziya apartments. At Safa Marwah Travel, our shifting Hajj experts, keeping such concerns in mind, have designed the cheapest 5 star shifting Hajj packages ranging from cheapest 5 star shifting Hajj packages 2024 with full-fledged amenities to cheapest 5 star shifting Hajj packages that consist of business class flights for cheap with accommodation that are the best in Aziziya. Safa Marwah’s Travel team of IATA certified agents is well aware of your intent on getting the best of the best facilities during your Shifting Hajj at a low cost. Due to this, our expert tour operators dig deep on doing research offer ideal flights both connecting and direct, well-known & excellent 5 star properties and big-name transportation providers known for excellent services with well-conditioned vehicles from luxury sedans, SUVs to comfortable coasters and buses – all included in these packages at very affordable prices. Safa Marwah Travel enjoys strong affiliation with all the 100+ top airlines internationally from British airways, American airways, Delta Airways to top-grade airlines such as Qatar & Emirates – allowing us to hold the cheapest fares in business class and first-class booked under these Shifting Hajj packages. Our travel agents leverage their affiliations with 260+ top-grade 5 star properties in Aziziya as well as in Makkah – a network nurtured in the past 15+ years – enabling them to arrange bed-only deluxe rooms at very reasonable prices upon booking these aforementioned packages.

Carefreely Take Your Family for a Blessed Shifting Hajj by Reserving Our Family-Special 5 star Shifting Hajj Packages

Performing Hajj along with children, infants, spouse and elderly parents is blissful – but not that easy due to the traveling from Aziziya to Makkah, the overall hard experience of Hajj journey and the diverse needs of all the family members accompanying you. Their needs and requirements are different – which eventually disturbs the whole Shifting Hajj experience if you fail to provide for everyone in time. At Safa Marwah Travel, our Shifting Hajj specialists have solutions to all family-travel problems as they create readily customised 5 star family Shifting Hajj packages ranging from 5 star family shifting Hajj packages 2024 for 3 adults and 2 children, affordable half-board 5 star family shifting Hajj packages with connecting suites and full-fledged amenities for superior comfort as you all return to the hotel back & forth, to all-inclusive 5 star family shifting Hajj packages with full-board, to luxury 5 star family shifting Hajj packages coming with business-class seats and comfortable shuttle service at considerably a reasonable cost. Our Shifting Hajj experts have successfully catered to the needs of more than 1500+ families going for shifting Hajj in the span of past 10 years, and in light of their experience, these experts recommend you the best from these 5 star family shifting Hajj packages depending on your specific requirements. So, for a family that’s accompanied by disabled parents, infants and children, our agents coordinate with affiliated airlines to arrange for special requests of wheel chair accessibility, special food for children, a baby cot in these shifting Hajj packages. Shifting Hajj experts at Safa Marwah Travel are experienced in developing economical 5 star family Shifting Hajj packages keeping in view the diverse needs of all family members in these Shifting Hajj deals 2024. Our Affiliation with more than 165 elite 5 star properties in Makkah allows us to pre-book ideal suite rooms on the ground floor and the properties being very close to the bus-stop for taking buses taking Hajjis to Makkah in these packages. We also arrange from luxury sedans and SUVs to coasters for going to Mina, Makkah & other historical points of significance while designing these 5 star family Shifting Hajj packages in 2024.

Perform Shifting Hajj with Dear Ones for Cheap with Our Well-researched & Professionally Curated 5-star Group Shifting Hajj Packages

Group Shifting Hajj can be daunting at times when it comes to arranging the ideal accommodation that accommodates all members with comfort, and the same goes for comfortable transportation as well as luggage related needs while going to and from Aziziya. The shifting Hajj arrangers at Safa Marwah Travel are extremely good at group shifting Hajj trips, and they have designed vast varieties of 5 star group Shifting Hajj packages ranging from low-cost 5 star group shifting Hajj packages 2024 with spacious quad-sharing rooms included to affordable all-inclusive 5 star group shifting Hajj packages including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and low cost half-board 5 star shifting Hajj packages offering spacious accommodations that lie in very close vicinity to the tent city of Mina. We at Safa Marwah Travel arrange for you all-encompassing facilities in these shifting Hajj packages for all your group members. The comfortable accommodative space we provide in these packages at Aziziya range from groups of 7, 10 and 20 & 50 persons at affordable prices with all the transportation and quality food available where you’ll find diverse cuisine options to fulfill the appetite during this hustling journey. All the positive feedback from our hundreds of Hajji clients who’ve travelled in groups are testimonials that speak for our level of customer care and support in these 5 star group Shifting Hajj deals. We let you book spacious, tidy and well-furnished quad-sharing rooms, special bus or Hiace van arrangements for inter-city traveling, back and forth traveling to miqat, Azizya, Mina, the Haram for Tawaf and prayer, as well as other historical points of religious significance.

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We at Safa Marwah Travel love our customers and strive hard to solve their every travel related need. We craft packages to fit the various budget and schedules. We offer our customers a huge range of discounted Hajj packages including cheapest 3-star Hajj deals, all-inclusive 5 star shifting Hajj packages and luxury 5-star shifting Hajj packages that are all specially designed by our experienced travel consultants and have all the facilities like flights, visa, hotel, transportation and Ziyarats included in them. Be it for the lone-goers or first timers, we ensure highest comfort for all valued customers by offering large variety of budget-friendly deals. We can cater for any customisable family and group packages, starting from economy Hajj packages for 2 persons, 3 persons’ Family Hajj deals including 2 adults and a child or up to 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 persons group Hajj packages are also available. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone now and dial 020 34755769 to consult with our experienced travel agents to book your Hajj packages or you can send your queries at


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Take a look at the reviews of our customers to dig into what experience they get when planning their Holy Trip with us.

SafaMarwah Travel had been a great help to me when it comes to booking a suitable flight for me as I was pretty confused. The support person is very understanding and found a suitable flight for me that meet my level of comfort and also left from city airport of Manchester.

I was low on budget and searching for quality arrangements for Umrah. Thanks to SafaMarwah Travel for resolving my concern. We are very delighted by the quality of arrangements made in the Umrah package by them at the cheapest rates.

Really appreciate the quick customer service of SafaMarwah Travel! Despite making a plan at the last minute for Umrah and contacting them, they have arranged everything on point exactly as I want including flight, hotel, and ground transport. Thank you so much!

We had a very good time and their services were amazing. Especially hotel was very good and comfortable as I was travelling with family and seeking for maximum comfort. They considered my concern well and arrange my accommodation accordingly.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Yes! SafaMarwah Travel holds multiple licenses to ensure our customers are protected financially before and during travelling. Our ATOL certification and protection certifies all amenities included in our massive list of Hajj packages are confirmed, make sure you get what you were promised in terms of money and your holy journey will be completely safe and free of worldly hassles.

Usually 2 weeks due to thousands of applications! Our accreditation and access to online portals of embassy of KSA has given us the facility to apply for Hajj visa on behalf of UK Muslims and get the visa processed within 2-week period, subject to validity of provided information by customer and how early you apply for visa. The Hajj visa applications start 2-3 weeks after Ramadan and continue until Hajj. Therefore, we advise you to book Hajj package and apply for Hajj visa early to avoid unexpected delays.

In shifting hajj packages your accommodation, hotel, or location of the stay changes from time to time. The accommodation or apartment is booked according to availability during peak time of Hajj. If accommodation is not available near Haram, then it is booked away most likely in Aziziah. Whereas in non-shifting hajj packages your accommodation doesn’t change and stays the same which saves you from the hassle of running here and there with all your luggage. Our IATA certified travel advisors has skilfully designed range of both of these shifting and non-shifting hajj packages for your choosing, and depending on your budget limits our experts help you select the perfect one for a convenient Hajj experience.

Yes, you can. Approved by Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah and offering numerous ATOL protected group Hajj packages starting from 5 star shifting group hajj deals to 3 star shifting hajj deals for 5, 10, 15 & up to 50 persons, we send multiple pilgrims in groups to perform Umrah as well. Whether you are travelling with colleagues, friends, or family, we offer range of shifting and non-shifting group deals for Hajj pilgrimage. You can freely select from budget and luxury assuring deals from available options to better soothe your needs.

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