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No matter what your Hajj pilgrimage needs are – Our range of Economy Hajj Packages with budget-friendly arrangements got you covered

Every Muslim wishes to perform Hajj once in a lifetime but its in itself is a tiring and hectic Islamic ritual. However, managing the facilities and arranging the desired amenities like accommodation, flight, Qurbani, meals, Aziziyah accommodation, Mina camps and ground transportation while staying under the specific budget line for a comfortable yet budget-friendly Hajj pilgrimage is a nerve-wracking task and it requires special expertise and experience. Ultimately, it all comes to the accomplished and experienced Hajj travel agency which can take care of small to large arrangements with complete perfection and attention to details. SafaMarwah Travel is one of the most trusted and proficient name that cater to all the varying needs of Hajjis while keeping the budget of pilgrims in mind with great care and expertise. We offer a wide variety of specially designed economy Hajj packages with budget-friendly amenities ranging from 14 days economy Hajj Packages, 17 days economy Hajj packages to 27 days economy Hajj packages from which you can choose any that fits your budget and schedule. By using our authorisation with Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, connection with world-class airlines, contacts with major hotels and alliance with ground travelling service providers, we include every necessary amenity in these economy Hajj packages so that you don’t have to worry about quick Hajj Visa processing, cheap flights, 3 star accommodation in Makkah Medina and Aziziyah apartments and local transportation. Our IATA experienced agents take great care in making sure that every bit of facility is properly included in your Hajj package right according to your described budget. Have a look at our range of economy hajj packages below or start customising an economy Hajj Package right according to your required facilities with our team today. Book early to get exclusive discounts.

£ 4830/pp

Abeer Al Azizia Hotel


Al Eiman Ohud Hotel


£ 4950/pp

Al Aseel Ajyad


Dar Al Eiman Al Nour


£ 5139/pp

Al Saraya Eman Hotel


Al Eiman Taibah


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£ 5685/pp

Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus


Al Mukhtara International Hotel


£ 5849/pp

Al Safwah Royale Orchid


Al Haram Hotel


£ 6330/pp

Anjum Makkah Hotel


Al Rawda Royal Inn


Enjoy a comfortable & convenient stay at Makkah, Medina and Aziziyah during Hajj pilgrimage at affordable prices thru Economy Hajj Packages with 3-star accommodations

Performing Hajj once in life is obligatory for every able Muslim. To perform this duty every year millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Due to such high crowds, getting quality accommodation near Haram or even in Aziziyah becomes a really daunting task for pilgrims that can’t be done with ease. At Safa Marwah Travel, we understand this need and fulfil it with our economy Hajj packages designed with budget friendly accommodations that are both economical and comfortable. We make sure to arrange your stay in best 3 star hotels with cosy and spacious rooms in both Makkah and Medina by utilising our affiliation with hundreds of world class hotels in the holy cities. Additionally, your accommodation shifting from near-to-haram hotels to near-to-Mina Aziziyah apartments during Hajj days, is part of these economy packages that allows you to stay close to Mina and marginalise your budget. Plus, our experts arrange your stay in quad sharing rooms to further reduce your accommodation expenses. Furthermore, they stay in contact with you throughout your Hajj journey and always provide assistance to you at every step, in case you encounter any unforeseen incident.

Experience comfortable air travel without burdening your pocket thru Economy Hajj packages with best cheap flights

Are you stressed about high flight prices during the peak season of Hajj? Having concerns about getting compromised on the quality of flight that can hinder your comfort and convenience just because you are tight on budget? There’s nothing to worry about. Book Economy Hajj Packages with best cheap flights to vanish all these concerns and enjoy the air travel as per your budget. We at SafaMarwah Travel, consider your budget issues, compare 1000s of direct and connecting flights, and find the best yet cheapest one to include in your economy Hajj package. That’s what we are doing since 2015 to satisfy UK Muslims’ diverse air travel needs to make their Hajj pilgrimage as economical as they can afford easily.

Economical yet comfortable Hajj Journey with family has never been easier as it is with our economy Hajj packages with family-friendly amenities

Want to go on higher pilgrimage with your blessed family but tight budget issues are hindering your plan? Consider SafaMarwah Travel’s Economy Hajj Packages made with affordable family-friendly amenities. With our authorisation with Saudi Ministry, we make sure that your whole family get visa confirmation at the same time. By utilising our affiliation with top-rated airlines, we arrange same flight of best airline for your whole family at cheapest rate. Similarly, we arrange best hotels featuring spacious rooms with large occupancy for your family in cities of Makkah and Medina, so that you can stay close to one another. These hotels are situated in close proximity of Haram so your family can get easy access to Haram. Mostly, the hotel rooms are arranged on quad sharing basis but you can also request for dual or triple sharing. On top of that, we arrange family apartment in Aziziyah for a comfortable stay of your family during your Hajj days. Due to our vast connections with ground transport providers, we arrange special SUVs and buses as per the size of your family for a hassle-free local transportation. Because of our extensive experience, our in-house IATA certified agents are well aware of the individual needs of every age group in a family, that is why they strive hard to cater the needs of every individual, especially children and senior citizens, belonging to every age group in your family, so you get a great time during your holy journey without any inconvenience.

Economy Hajj Packages with all necessary arrangements That Don’t put burden on pockets when It Comes to Quality or Service. Sounds Impossible? Not with SafaMarwah Travel!

By utilising our expertise, management and comparison techniques, we bring you economy Hajj packages with all the basic amenities that perfectly turn your Hajj journey into the perfect blend of comfort and affordability. We research thousands of top-rated hotels, flights and transportation options, analyse and compare them to find the best prices, use our vast affiliations to avail exclusive discounts, and provide clients with the cheapest flights, hotels and transportation according to their asked preferences. So, when you book with us, expect only first-class service, state-of-the-art facilities, and incredible amenities – all at prices we won’t be beaten on.

Matchless aspects that Make SafaMarwah Travel the Best Choice for Booking Economy Hajj Packages:

From simple to complex, get solution of all problems under one roof: Looking for cheapest flights? Seeking affordable Aziziyah apartments for shifting luggage before Hajj days? Want quad sharing rooms in hotels of Makkah and Medina? Have a need of wheelchair for elderly pilgrims of your family? Need comfortable buses for transportation of group? Have a demand for full board or half board meals? Looking for Hajj draft or inclusion of Qurbani? Need to change the Maktab zone of Mina Camp from E to B by paying bit of extra amount for more comfort? Whatever your needs are, we are a one-stop-shop to fulfil them all with our personalised travelling solutions for pilgrims of every age group and social classes.

Personalise your Economy Hajj package, exactly in a way you want: After sending thousands of UK Muslims for Hajj, we know every Muslim has different travelling requirements. We let you personalise your Hajj packages as per your own requirements. Whether you want to change the duration from 14 days to 27 days, need to add transportation of your choice, want to add full board or half board meals in your economy Hajj packages, or need to change your Maktab Zone for Mina camping, just tell our experts about your unique requirements and our experts will personalise your economy Hajj packages exactly in a way you want to fulfil your specific travelling needs.

Your Hajj Journey Stay, Just as You Want: When it comes to your comfortable, convenient and budget-free stay exactly as per your staying preferences, no need to worry anymore with our pilgrim-centric staying arrangements. Our hotel booking specialists utilise our direct affiliation with 500+ top rated hotels in Makkah, Medina and Apartments in Aziziyah to arrange a comfortable stay based on staying and budget preferences of customers. Not just that, our experts also listen to your specific staying requirements like hotel distance from Haram, Maktab Preferences for Mina camping, specific preference about Aziziyah stay or budget constraints and always find and suggest accommodation that meet your specific needs.

Book with Confidence: When you book your Economy Hajj Package with us, you can be sure there won’t be any lack of quality service, possibility of financial fraud or any kind of mismanagement. Whether you are in tight budget, or require budget friendly facilities (specific hotel classification, flight of specific airlines, transport preferences) we first understand everything and then provide the best solutions accordingly. You can be sure about our credibility as we are rated 5 star average on popular review sites like Facebook, Yelp & Trust Pilot.

Get Assistance from Start to End: Our hajj travel specialists are available 24/7 at your assistance and work closely with you to resolve every query you might have in mind and arrange everything as per your requirements. Whether your concerns include best arrangements to go for the first time, finding suitable flight as per requirements, shortlisting flight and airport, specific Mina camping preference, arranging stay as per budget & comfort needs, want to arrange special add-ons (Meals, hajj draft or Qurbani) or simply finding the most suitable travelling duration, you can be sure there is an expert always available to help you at every step of planning your spiritual journey and book everything accordingly.

Get Visa Processed – On Time, Every Time: Don’t be worried about visa delays or unexpected rejections. Our association with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah allows us keep ourselves up to date with the latest Visa processing requirements and ensure your Hajj visa is issued without hassle and in no time. Our visa specialists are always at your service to help you in visa documentation and fulfilling all requirements to minimise complexities.

Protected Journey: Don’t be worried about any possible unforeseen circumstances and financial concerns. We are an ATOL-protected agency so the money you pay for booking the Hajj package is always protected, even in case something goes awry.

Do you also want to avail these services to make every aspect of your Hajj journey stress-free? Call us now by dialling 020 34755769 to book your Economy Hajj package designed just the way you want.