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5-Star Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2025 Designed with Deluxe Arrangements — Transform Your Holy Hajj Pilgrimage into Perfect Blend of Luxury, Comfort, Convenience, And Serenity

The Noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said, “A person who performs Hajj and circumambulates this House (the Kaaba) seven times and performs the two Rak’at Salat (of Tawaf) in the best form possible will have his sins forgiven”. Hajj is an obligatory ritual in Islam and every Muslim has to fulfil it during his/her lifetime. Are you the one who wants to fulfil the fifth and final pillar of Islam with utmost conform, convenience, and luxuriousness? If yes! Then we at SafaMarwah Travel are at your service to fulfil your every hajj journey need with grandeur. We offer a wide range of 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 designed with various durations (from 14 days to 27 days), VIP camps in Mina, and pre-arranged Qurbani rite, which you can explore below and easily book according to your specifications. Our skilled Hajj organisers utilise our massive liaisons with several 5-star hotels in both holy cities and include such accommodation in these packages, which have spacious rooms, over-the-top room services, diverse cuisine options, gyms, family halls, Free Wi-Fi facilities and the best of all these hotels are situated just a few steps away from Haram. They ensure that your stay remains hassle-free in these hotels during the whole Hajj pilgrimage and you don’t have to shift your luggage from hotel to hotel or place to place in order to save your budget. Our IATA certified agents utilise our advanced real-time ticketing systems to include such flights in these non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 that have comfortable cabin seats and matchless services. Our trained tour guides will be there to let you find your camps in Mina, provide facility of Islamic Scholars, Webinars, and transportation services in upgraded buses are included in these non-shifting Hajj packages 2025. Have any special requirements? Take advantage of our customisation services and create a special non-shifting Hajj Package on your terms. For your assistance and support, our travel experts are available 24/7.

£ 6875/pp

Abeer Al Azizia Hotel


Al Eiman Ohud Hotel


£ 7260/pp

Al Aseel Ajyad


Dar Al Eiman Al Nour


£ 7439/pp

Al Saraya Eman Hotel


Al Eiman Taibah


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£ 7869/pp

Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus


Al Mukhtara International Hotel


£ 8149/pp

Al Safwah Royale Orchid


Al Haram Hotel


£ 8735/pp

Anjum Makkah Hotel


Al Rawda Royal Inn


Experience Utmost Comfort, Convenience, And Luxury as Per Your Desire—Book Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2025 Designed with Top-Class Amenities!

As everyone wishes to perform Hajj at least once in a life, it becomes really hard to get the best deluxe accommodation as per preferences, budget and comfort needs of pilgrims because almost all the luxury hotels are occupied due to larger crowds in Makkah and Medina. Do you also have diverse accommodation needs? Are you seeking deluxe hotels near Haram for ease of access rather than in Aziziyah and within the vicinity of the Kaaba? Don’t sweat! SafaMarwah Travel’s non-shifting hajj Packages 2025 with top-notch 5-star hotels are the best choice for you. We prioritise accommodations in close proximity to the Haram, ensuring pilgrims can perform the Manasiq-e-Hajj with ease. As a top-rated Hajj and Umrah travel agency, we recognise the diverse accommodation preferences of UK Muslims and tailor non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 with luxury Near-Haram hotels that match their comfort and convenience needs. Our alliance with world class 5 star hotels including near-to-haram options, budget-friendly choices, and luxurious establishments allow us to arrange the best luxury hotel that matches your desire and include it in your 5-star non-shifting hajj package to meet your unique accommodation needs.

Worried about the hyped-up flight prices due to the peak season of Hajj? Are you concerned about not getting the flight from your nearby airport in the UK? Don’t fret. Book non-shifting hajj packages 2025 with business-class direct flights to vanish all these concerns and enjoy air travel as per your schedule and budget. Brief your desired budget, and preferred city of departure whether it’s London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow or Aberdeen. We utilise our real-time ticketing system to compare 1000s of flights, find the best one that matches your budget, comfort and schedule, and include it into your non-shifting hajj package 2025. That’s what we have been doing since 2015 to satisfy UK Muslims’ diverse air travel needs.

Apart from flights and hotels, getting comfortable transportation from the airport to the hotel, Ziyarats visits, and inter-city travel that’s too on-time is nearly impossible. But with SafaMarwah Travel’s non-shifting hajj Packages 2025 designed with special transportation facilities, it is not only possible but also a breeze. We are in partnership with most accomplished local transport providers in KSA that enable us to arrange the perfect transportation for you that will always be on time and never let you wait in the dark. Specify the number of people in your family or group, tell us the holy sites you want to visit, describe your budget range. We will arrange the transportation for airport transfers, Ziyarats and travelling from Makkah to Medina or vice versa accordingly.

Enjoy Your Holy trip of Hajj with Adroitly Planned 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 for groups to Ensure a Peaceful Holy Journey

SafaMarwah travel agency is one of the best in providing the most effective and luxury facilities to their pilgrims who travel in groups. We provide a huge range of pocket-friendly non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 for groups including cheapest non-shifting hajj deals for group of 5 persons, affordable 5-star non-shifting hajj packages for group of 12 persons to luxury 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 for a group of 20+ persons. We book flights for Hajj in world-class airlines, reserve the best hotel rooms and arrange special ground transport when designing these 5-star non-shifting Hajj packages for groups. We are also authorised with the Ministry of Hajj KSA to ensure quick and on time visa processing, and affiliated with all top 100+ airlines that enables us to book 1000+ flights of economical to business-class and include in these packages that fly towards Jeddah & Madinah from your respective cities all over the UK. Additionally, our associations enable us to provide a huge range of adjustments to our group hajjis that can take advantage of our association with 1450+ top hotels to make luxurious accommodations in near-to-Haram hotels with all amenities for groups & use our direct contacts with top transport service providers to arrange comfortable SUVs for inter-city travelling of families while designing these 5-star non-shifting family Hajj packages 2025.

Avail 5 Star Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2025 Deliberately Designed with Family-Centric Amentias to Have A Comfortable And Convenient Hajj Tour Experience With Your Beloved Ones

Hajj is obedience to Allah (SWT) and every Muslim family desire to be obedient to Allah (SWT) with full peace of mind but there are some limitations regarding family shifting accommodations, less amenities and improper arrangements for families which push your family trip desire at the backend. But no need to worry, you can trust blindly on SafaMarwah Travel, as we are the best choice to overcome all these worries. We offer you an immense variety of specially crafted 5 star non-shifting Hajj packages 2025 for families ranging from low-priced non-shifting Hajj packages with cheap desired facilities to deluxe family 5 star non-shifting Hajj packages with luxury assuring hotels, flights & transport options. As our alliance with more than 1450+ luxury hotels both in Makkah and Medina (near to Haram and green dome), we make sure every possibility to give you luxury amenities in the days of Hajj. From United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia, we are with you as your reflection to give you ease and reliability in every aspect. Moreover, our tour guides will be there to let you find your camp in Mina without any hassle. Because, we believe on valuing our customers by giving best services while performing greater pilgrimage. If they are satisfied then we are which gives us more power and motivation to facilitate more and more Muslims in the United Kingdom. So, get a deal from these 5 star non-shifting Hajj packages to gain comfort while performing greater pilgrimage with your family.

Affordable Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2025 That Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Quality or Service. Sounds Impossible, Right? Not with SafaMarwah Travel!

By utilising our expertise, management and comparison techniques, we bring you a set of affordable arrangements in your non-shifting hajj package 2025 that perfectly turn your hajj journey into the perfect blend of comfort, convenience and affordability. We research thousands of top-rated hotels, flights and transportation options, analyse and compare them to find the best prices, use our vast affiliations to avail exclusive discounts, and provide clients with the cheapest flights, hotels and transportation according to their asked preferences. So, when you book with us, expect only first-class service, state-of-the-art facilities, and incredible itineraries – all at prices we won’t be beaten on.

For those of our Muslim brothers and sisters who can’t fulfil their deep desire to perform hajj due to budget constraints, we suggest to book in advance. When you reach out to us with your requirements six months or more in advance, we activate our price tracking tool to vigilantly monitor the best budget-friendly deals available. Rest assured, we promptly notify you whenever we uncover an offer that perfectly aligns with your requirements and budget. To make your way even more easier toward Allah’s house, we don’t let you deal with the hassles of bulk payments, as we offer flexible payment schemes with 6 to 12 equal monthly instalments. So, book with a small deposit of £50 and pay the rest later in instalments. No fees, no interest.

Aspects That Make SafaMarwah Travel the Best Hajj Agency for Booking Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2025 As Per Your Requirements

Your Unique Needs, Resolved from Start to End: Having served over 35k+ Hajjis since 2015, we know every Muslim has unique needs specifically when it comes to going for Hajj when millions of Muslims go to Holy cities for greater pilgrimage and come up with personalised travelling solutions for Hajjis of all age groups and classes for a stress-free and comfortable Hajj journey.

• If you have specific staying preferences like nearby Haram, or luxury Maktab A tent near Jamraat, we listen to your staying requirements, desired comfort level & distance from Haram & jamarat and arrange best accommodation that meets your unique staying needs.

• Specific schedule preferences like Makkah stay before core Hajj days (8th – 12 Dhu al Hijjah) or few more days in Makkah after Hajj days before moving to Medina? We understand your requirements and come up with the best schedule that meets your unique needs.

• If you are going for Hajj alongside family members consisting of senior citizens, we arrange wheelchairs in both Masjid al Haram, Masjid e Nabawi and Mina Camps to facilitate their hassle-free mobility even when staying in Muzdalifah.

• When it comes to going for Hajj alongside your Family consisting of kids and infants, we strategically arrange cots and other necessary arrangements for their comfortable stay in hotels.

• To let groups of friends, colleagues, or close associates go for Hajj together with utmost comfort whilst staying together, we take extra measures to make all group members stay together in hotels and Mina camps and ensure they travel together in luxury buses for a convenient and brotherly Hajj experience.

Hajj Journey, Arranged Your Way: After sending thousands of UK Hajjis for Hajj over the past decade, we know every Muslim has different travelling requirements and our Hajj specialists come up with the best schedule and duration arrangement before and after core Hajj days to let you go for Hajj as per your preferences. So, whether you wish to go to Makkah and stay there for few days to perform Umrat al-Tammatu before moving to Mina on Hajj days or simply perform Tawa’f in Haram, go for Hajj in Muzdalifah and then return back to Makkah for Umrah over span of couples of days, just tell our experts your schedule and duration requirements and our experts will find and book Hajj packages that fulfil your specific travelling needs.

Your Umrah Journey Stay, Just as You Want: When it comes to your comfortable, convenient and budget-free stay exactly as per your staying preferences, no need to worry anymore with our pilgrim-centric staying arrangements. Our hotel booking specialists utilise our direct affiliation with 500+ top rated hotels in Makkah and Medina to arrange luxurious 5 star accommodation on non-shifting basis. Our direct access to Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, KSA also make our experts capable to arrange camps in Maktab A or Maktab B based on their staying and budget preferences to ensure a comfortable, luxurious and hassle-free stay in Mina during core Hajj days. Have specific requirements? Our experts also listen to your specific staying requirements like hotel distance from Haram, specific luxury amenities or budget constraints and always find and suggest hotels that meet your specific needs.

Air Travel for Umrah, Planned for Your Facilitation: Our IATA certified flight specialists reserve air tickets for all your possible departure and arrival needs to make sure your air travel is convenient. So, no matter if you wish to depart from specific UK city or require economical, business class or first class Hajj flight, our specialists reserve Hajj flight tickets as per your requirements in Hajj Packages.

Book with Confidence: When you book your non-shifting Hajj Package with us, you can be sure there won’t be any lack of quality service, possibility of financial fraud or any kind of mismanagement. Whether you are in tight budget, require premium facilities (specific hotel classification, flight of specific airlines, transport preferences or need deluxe amenities, we first understand everything and then provide the best solutions accordingly. You can be sure about our credibility as we are rated 5 star average on popular review sites like Google, Yelp & Trust Pilot.

Hajj Specific Arrangements, Done: We understand Hajj without qurbani is incomplete and every Muslim wishes to participate in this ritual to complete their Hajj fully. So, if you want to pay for your qurbani and don’t worry about its arrangements at last minute, tell our experts and we will include it in your package and ensure the payment is done to concerned KSA authorities so all the rituals of your pilgrimage is completed. We also give you freedom to include Hajj draft in your package so you can be sure the transport in Makkah for hotel and Mina transfers will be included.

Get Assistance from Start to End: Our Hajj specialists are available 24/7 at your assistance and work closely with you to resolve every query you might have in mind and arrange everything as per your requirements. Whether you concerns include best arrangements to go for the first time, finding suitable flight as per requirements, shortlisting departure city and airport, specific schedule preference before and after Hajj days or want to arrange special add-ons (wheelchair or Ziyarat visit) or simply finding the most suitable travelling duration, you can be sure there is an expert always available to help you at every step of planning your greater pilgrimage and book everything accordingly. Get Visa Processed – On Time, Every Time: Don’t be worried about visa delays or unexpected rejections. Our association with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah allows us keep ourselves up to date with the latest Visa processing requirements and ensure your Hajj visa is issued without hassle and in no time. Our visa specialists are always at your service to help you in visa documentation and fulfilling all requirements to minimise complexities.

Book Confidently, Pay Conveniently: Limited budget? No issue, our Hajj specialist considers your budget to make your Hajj journey happen. Cannot pay the whole package in a lump sum? Avail our easy instalment payment facility to pay for your package in equal and easy chunks. Worried about financial fraud? Secure payment method ensures you pay securely and free from third-party interference. Seeking discount? We offer and early bird discounts for every Hajj package.

Protected Journey: Don’t be worried about any possible unforeseen circumstances and financial concerns while booking your Hajj packages with us. We are an ATOL-protected agency so the money you pay for booking the package is always protected, even in case something goes awry.

Do you also want to avail these services to make every aspect of your greater pilgrimage of the Hajj journey stress-free? Call us now by dialling 020 45524603 to book your Hajj package designed just the way you want.