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We make your trip congenial by planning and organizing amenities as per your demands. Book your flights, reserve your hotel in advance, arrange transportation and get everything perfectly managed with us. The experienced travel agents guide you the dos and don’ts during your journey to make every trip memorable. We complete your documentations and make economical accommodation and travel arrangements for you. Tell us where you want to go, we are here to plan for you.

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We at SafaMarwah Travel strive our best to deliver the outstanding pilgrimage service to all our UK Based clients.

Being a big name among the UK Umrah service agencies, we provide a wide range of Umrah deals at competitive rates along with package designing services having the all the pilgrim preferred facilities.

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Why Should You Rely On Us?SafaMarwah Travel Has Everything a Pilgrim Needs

We are a popular Umrah Agency in UK. Here, offering cost-effective deals is just one of many solutions available, we also design custom packages for a wholesome Umrah experience.

Umrah — The Best Halal Holiday a Muslim Can Have

Praying five time is an Islamic obligation that every faithful follows. Everyone must stands facing towards Kaaba, considering it the earthy house of Allah. Although visiting this place for Umrah is not obligatory but the sense of desire, to physically visit It, increases with every prayer. Muslims from all across world visit this sacred place to perform the rituals of Umrah. For this purpose, they want a reliable travel agency to make their travel and accommodation arrangements. Booking all these amenities online is possible for everyone. In contrast, hiring a travel agency to do it for you would allow you to have a knowledgeable and experienced professional in the middle. With this addition, travelers have someone responsible to fulfill their travel requirements throughout their trip.

The Travel Agency You Can Count On

Safa Marwah is a travel service provider agency based in United Kingdom. We make hotel accommodation arrangements in advance, book your flight tickets, process your visa and organize ground transport arrangements. We have packaged these required amenities together to make sure luxurious inclusions are offered at economical price. Safa Marwah is a responsible and professional travel agency, therefore we are accountable to supply the committed facilities during your journey. By staying in contact with travelers, we are in good position to timely solve every problem if any unexpected situation happens.

Safa Marwah is the leading travel agency in UK, with 15 years of experience in formulating Umrah trips for Muslims. Our agents are fully updated about recent updates in travel regulations. To inform all the traveler about Covid restriction or travel limitations on certain Visa type, our informed agents are available to serve you. Instead of deciding of fake and fabricated reviews available online, we provide information and comments based on our personal experience and market observation. Either booking a hotel, documents required to process visa and local transport charges, the travel experts at Safa Marwah are available to guide you the best possibilities.

Get More Value for The Money You Are Ready to Pay

Every customer wants more value than the money paid. Rendering services from reputed agency would allow travelers to opt best facilities at very reasonable prices. The travel agents at Safa Marwah know the ins and outs of all the inclusions. We sell packaged tour to make your trip to Saudi Arabia more exciting and economical. When an Umrah trip is planned with Safa Marwah, pilgrims are sure to get best amenities at very competitive prices. Our experience in travel and tourism industry and yearly contracts with hotels enable us to supply exceptional hotel and transport while saving big amount of money.

When travelling to any country from UK, the trip itinerary is very important. This itinerary must be well planned and expertly organized. A clear cut schedule, enables every traveler to plan accordingly and stay mentally repaired. Safa Marwah have experts to carefully plan every movement conducted from departure to arrival at UK. We carefully pick departure date from the selected airport, choose airline with low or no layout, select hotel based on many features including the check in and check out time, and add ground transport. With all this exceptionally organized, our clients get perfectly planned travel schedule to maximum enjoyment throughout their journey. We never let our customer wait at airport or road to have their next amenity organized. With Safa Marwah be sure that your travel itinerary is expertly planned with required cushion to stay safe and efficient.

Limited Budget — No Brainer with Safa Marwah

Budget is another important element of travelers. We find discounted deals and economical options weather for Airline or hotels. Hence with Safa Marwah, you can add expensive inclusions and get economically packaged deal. Our core motive is to supply committed facilities and at the same time making sure that these amenities would be supplied at the most reasonable price. Safa Marwah is the perfect connection to bridge your required facilities within your prescribed budget. We are in direct contact with hotels, airlines and transporters, which empower us to offer the best rates without any additional commission of third party. Enjoy direct services at economical rates to make your trip exceptional and affordable at the same time with Safa Marwah.

Safa Marwah has the largest pool of resources and contacts. We utilize all our cards to make sure the best possible facilities are added in your travel plan and keep the prices of all-inclusive packages to the lowest. All the local and international airlines departing from UK offering direct and indirect flights are partner with us, therefore we get lowest fare for flights to Saudi Arabia. We are affiliated with all the hotels in Makkah and Medina either 5 star, 4 star or 3 star. Such wide range of cooperate linkage is enabling us to reserve any hotel you want to stay in at economical prices. Being the most trusted travel agency, we fulfill our commitment to provide comfortable and economical accommodation along with all other amenities.

A travel agency for halal holidays adds convenience to your trip. Just state your requirements, reviews you gathered, and your personal preferences. The travel agency makes all the essential arrangements for you. Safa Marwah is one the most reliable travel operators in United Kingdom. The reason behind this is that we make sure the travelers booked their trip arrangements with us must get peace of mind and convenience, not just during travel but also during reservations. Our package selection process is very simple. All the inclusions are clearly mentioned and these deals are flexible, you can customize them according to your requirements.

We charge nominal amount for arranging exceptional inclusions. Rendering our services instead of doing it your self is helping many Muslim travelers to save more and get perfectly planned trip. Safa Marwah is not just limited to saving money, our suggestions are always valuable to customers. The travel agent would guide you and assist you using personal and years long experience so that you won’t make first timer’s mistake. With us, Muslim travelers from UK either to Makkah or any other Islamic country are sure to get higher value to the money paid.

Safa Marwah is a reliable travel agency that is always on your side. We advocate to at every platform to make sure you get your rights. If a flight gets canceled or rescheduled, or there is any other issue, consider you back covered because we know the polices and ensure best compensation for any issue. If the hotel doesn’t have any reservation on file, we are right here to resolve it as quick as possible. Hence, when travelling, it is very important to ask a travel agency to formulate, arrange and organize all the travel, accommodation and visa arrangements to make them responsible for all the inclusion while you enjoy your trip.

Add Up What You Want at The Price You Happily Pay

To get the experience you want, draft your travel package with personalized inclusion. Safa Marwah is a travel agency working for the comfort and ease of our customers. We incorporate no restrictions on selection. Choose everything you want to add up in your travel package and we take the responsibility to make it available for you.


TESTIMONIALSWe are the Best Umrah Agency in UK

Have a look at some reviews below to see why customers come back to us again and again for getting Umrah services.

Sending my regard to appreciate the splendid arrangements for my Umrah trip. Impressed with everything from accommodation to ground transport and entire stay was very comfortable. A special thanks from my family for your services. Definitely be recommending your company to everyone.

We had a fantastic Umrah journey. The hotel was immaculate, well located, and had all services we wanted. We appreciate meticulous planning from the moment we arrived until we left. This was our first time availing Umrah services of SafaMarwah Travel, and we look forward to returning. Once more, thank you for giving us such lovely memories!

This was my 2nd trip with SafaMarwah travel and as usual, all went well as expected. The trip was organised well starting with the booking, arrival and till departure with no fail. The recommended hotel was great and had everything arranged as I wanted.

I’d like to say our Umrah journey you guys arranged was really good, everything went smooth for us! The recommended hotel was great, the flight was on our specific dates, and the arranged ground transport was amazing & comfortable too! Thanks.

Good service and a very seamless experience, everything was well planned and communicated throughout. There were the normal little challenges like waiting for everyone from the group to arrive and being in small cars with other people, but overall the experience was good. The accommodation was as described and everything was well planned. The team even went out of their way to remind us about check-in online.

Frequently Asked Questions

It becomes the responsibility of travel agency and headache of travel agent to plan and organize your trip. It removes all the responsibilities of your shoulder and let you enjoy your journey. The travel agent virtually handles all the aspects of your travel at absolutely nominal commission. Safa Marwah offer combined experience of our team, reviews at different networks and feedback from our thousands of travelers to provide invaluable resource and suggestion while planning your journey.

Certainly, we offer customized travel packages that is fully flexible. We can work for any realistic budget and provide you all the available options. The experienced travel agent at Safa Marwah provide honest ideas and options to plan the best amenities within your limited budget.

No, there is no fee for our Halal-holiday planning service. If you are planning for Umrah, as a travel vendor, we acknowledge the importance of this spiritual journey and do every possible task without any charges or commission. Hence, getting some options for itinerary or a quote for customized travel plan would cost you no amount at all.

The dedicated agent works exclusively to make all the arrangements. When once the travel itinerary is finalized and payment is done, you will be provided as email having schedule in detail. This email also included the contact number of concerned persons, if required in case of emergency. To know more detail about your trip, you can contact our 24/7 customer support to resolve your confusion.

Your trip can be cancelled at any time with us by simply availing the cancellation option. However, refunds on the ground arrangements portion cannot be given. Specifications for cancelling may differ as per booking. Some packages are fully refundable depending on how far in advance you cancel. Depending on the ticket type and airline policy, we may be able to refund the ticket amount, but after deducting the cancellation charges. But if the ticket has not yet been issued, then there will be no cancellation charges whatsoever.

The best way to check our authenticity is that we are ATOL, & IATA verified travel agent. Moreover, to streamline your spiritual journey, Travel Agents are always updated about the latest guidelines and policies implemented in the UK that will help you in planning the right trip.

It totally depends on the time of booking, if you book trip in advance, you'll only pay a deposit to secure your reservation. But If you book at last minute of your travel dates, you may be required to pay the full vacation amount upfront. The Payment Options page will show you every details related to your payments.

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