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It is hearty desire of every Blessed Muslim to perform Hajj or Umrah at least one in his lifetime to capture benevolence of Allah (SWT). Safa Marwah Travel is proud to serving Guests of Allah (SWT) through its exceptional services since last decade. Alhamdulillah thousands of Muslims residing in UK have performed their pilgrimage conveniently through exceptional services and hardworking & experienced travel agents of Safa Marwah Travel. They arrange direct flight for you at cheap prices departing from Birmingham, Manchester and UK to Jeddah and Medina. We utilise our years of experience and provide best opportunity to every Muslim residing in UK to offer Umrah or Hajj at lowest possible price while making no compromise on comfort level.

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Explore The Holy Sites Through Your Personalised Packages for Umrah

Visit the Holy places in the cities of Makkah and Medina to have a more spiritual experience. Give yourself a tour of the place where our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) opened his eyes for the very first time. Take a tour to Mountain of Light & Cave of Hira to witness all the mesmerising scenes and make this Holy Journey even more memorable.

featured Visit The birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Makkah and experience feelings no words can express
featured Take a tour to Mount Arafat where our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his Last Sermon
featured See the sights of the place where Prophet (PBUH) received his first revelation from Allah through Gabriel
featured Travel around the very first mosque built in the Islamic Calendar and a main representative of the Muslim Heritage & History



We had a wonderful pilgrimage. All I want to say is that Safa Marwah Travel is the finest tour operator. I highly recommend this company to every Muslim in UK.

28 OCT 2016

Everything went very peacefully for us in our Umrah journey. I am taking this opportunity to thank the friendly staff of Safa Marwah Travel for such high quality services that they provided to us. Truly 5 star.

9 JUL 2017

Get Your Personally Designed Hajj and Umrah All-Inclusive 2019 Packages with Your Preferred Amenities; A Courtesy of Safa Marwah Travel

In year 2019 Safa Marwah Travel is all set to accomplish hearty desire of Muslim brothers and sisters living in United Kingdom at cheapest prices. The Hajj takes place from the 8th to the 12th of Zul-Hijjah which is the last month of the Hijri calendar. Conferring to early estimate Holy Hajj 2019 will fall between August 10th and August 15th 2019 Insha Allah. We have set our plans for Hajj 2019 bearing in mind the weather conditions and scale of gathering of pilgrims at Haram in 2019. We are offering special Umrah packages 2020 for the month of January and February. Weather and climate of Saudi Arabia in Month of March 2020 is expected to be ideal to perform Umrah along with your whole family. Seek benevolence of Allah (SWT) during Easter holidays in the month of April 2020 by performing Umrah. Plan to perform Umrah before Ramadan in the month of May and June and avail our special discounted packages. Schedule holidays and access our 7 or 10 days economical packages in September right after Hajj to perform Umrah in 2019. Get exclusive Umrah packages appropriate for large families and groups in the month of October and November 2019 and get blessed during holy ritual. We are offering wide array of December Umrah deals for Muslim brothers and sisters residing UK. Cherish your Christmas holidays and seek blessing of Allah (SWT) through our economical December Umrah package 2019.

5 star Umrah and Hajj Packages at economical prices

Safa Marwah Travel has set his name through constant dedication and commitment to serve Muslim brothers and sisters who are seeking for blessings of Allah (SWT) by performing Hajj and Umrah and even while not having enough resources. Our 5 star packages are economical as compared to other air travel organisers. We are offering wide array of Hajj and Umrah packages according to your desire and resources. 5 star Hajj and Umrah Package assure premium quality services, including visa, air ticketing and comfortable accommodation near to Haram. We also arrange special food expert for you at lowest possible price. No doubt on this holy ritual we are supposed to be moderate but if you are not comfortable you cannot perform basic steps of Hajj and Umrah with full spirit. Sort out the trouble to find out hotel again near to Haram after returning from Medina through non-shifting platinum Hajj deals. Non-shifting Hajj package is best choice while you are performing Hajj or Umrah with your family consisting kids or old citizens. It is really tough to find a hotel near to Haram during Hajj and Umrah season. Nonetheless we are associated with various luxury 4 star and 5 star hotels surrounded Haram. These hotel and famous for their hospitable reception, magnificent interior, mouthwatering food and brilliant room service.

Safa Marwah Travel sets accommodations near to shopping malls which makes it easy for pilgrim to get everything they want to offer Hajj and Umrah conveniently. 5 Star Hajj or Umrah packages are more convenient if you are traveling along family or group of friends. Climate and weather of Makkah and is moderate during December which make is high time to visit holy places to seek blessings of Allah (SWT). We are furnishing best opportunity to Muslim brother and Sisters residing in UK to avail benefit from Christmas and New Year’s vacations through our deluxe 5 star Umrah Package in December. Schedule Umrah in month of December to seize benevolence of Allah (SWT).Allah (SWT) showers his countless blessings on Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan. Virtue of noble deeds are multiplied. That is why every Muslim desire to perform Umrah in the sacred month of Ramadan. Accommodation far away from Haram is major issue faced by pilgrim performing Umrah in Ramadan while they are fasting. Safa Marwah Travel assure you to provide best Umrah package even in the month of Ramadan without considering high demand of these package in this particular month

Shifting Umrah and Hajj Packages at lowest possible price

We have set a benchmark in air travel organiser’s services through our constant dedication and commitment to hard work. The more you will be tension free during this ritual the more you are going to get sanctified by easily visiting holy places. 4 star shifting Hajj and Umrah deals are designed specifically for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are willing to visit holy places at reasonable prices. Seek the benevolence of Allah (SWT) through our 4 Star Shifting Hajj Package. 4 Star Hajj or Umrah Packages are designed for families consisting kids and old parents or for groups. This package duly meet premium level services at economical price. We assure hassle free services through our 4 star shifting Umrah or Hajj package. We also arrange visit to other holy places like Jable-e-Rehmat Ghar-e-Hira Masjid-e-Juma for pilgrims. We do not neglect comfort and facilities provided to pilgrims even in our economical packages. We are also offering affordable packages to perform Umrah in December during vacations of Christmas and New Year. Get showered by benevolence of Allah (SWT) by performing Umrah in Ramadan at lowest possible prices. We assure near to Haram accommodations even in Ramadan while there are huge gathering of pilgrims performing Umrah in this holy month.

Economical Umrah and Hajj packages

Schedule Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage for whole family through our 3 Star economical Hajj deals. Specifically designed for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are willing to visit holy places while not having enough resources. This package duly meet quality services at lowest possible price. We do not compromise of comfort level and excellent services even in our economical 3 star Hajj or Umrah deals. Plan to perform Umrah in April while holidays for Easter to get blessings of Allah (SWT). We are offer best Umrah deals throughout the year at lowest possible price in our 3 star Hajj and Umrah deals. Special December Umrah deals are accessible for Muslim brothers and sisters who are looking to perform Umrah during vacations of New Year and Christmas. We are also offerings deluxe Umrah deals at afford price in the Sacred month of Ramadan without any perspective of high demand of these packages in Ramadan.

Important guideline for pilgrims

Those Muslim brothers and sisters who visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah first time need proper guidance to perform their religious obligation without any hassle. We provide 24 hours a day services to our Muslim brothers and sisters during their stay in Saudi Arabia. There are certain rules and regulations implemented by Saudi Government on the pilgrims. We arrange pre Hajj seminar and guide pilgrims thoroughly who are performing Umrah. Every year numerous applications for Hajj and Umrah are forbidden by Saudi Government on multiple grounds. Never waste your valuable time and money through false statements of inexperienced air travel organiser. We being expert of the field will try our best to not let this happen. We comprehend the rules and regulations set by Saudi Government and that is one of the major reasons of high successful ratio of our applicants. Formulate checklist including booking & payments of flight ticket, accommodation, local transport, visa application, luggage, hand carry items and accessories. We request our respected brothers and sisters to follow below mentioned guidelines to avoid any inconvenience during Umrah or Hajj.

• Pilgrims should carry ACWY vaccination certificate which should not be older than 10 days
• You must have a valid passport that must have remaining validity of at least six months.
• There should be at least 2 visa pages that should be clear and adjacent to each other.
• Ask for special measures for senior citizens, kids and disabled persons.
• In case you loses your passport, need not to worry about the passport. You just report about your lost passport to your assigned office of Unified Agents.
• The rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prohibit any pilgrims from remaining in the country after the conclusion of Hajj or Umrah or after validity of the visa.
• Keep in contact with our representatives to be on safe side.

People going for Hajj or Umrah for the first time are not conscious of some procedures related to Umrah and Hajj performance like visa application, luggage policies, places and currency issues. We remain always available for our Muslim brothers and sisters during their stay in Saudi Arabia. Safa Marwah Travel operator is devoted to help UK Muslims with all procedures and factors by providing the best Hajj or Umrah services at lowest price. Safa Marwah Travel is Air Travel Organisers licensed organisation serving pilgrim since last decade. We have set our name by inimitable services level at affordable price. We have developed cordial relationships with best Hotels in Makkah and Medina through our excellent services. Try to book your Umrah or Hajj deal as soon as possible to clutch least possible price. Our all packages and activates are verified and confined by ATOL. We are IATA protected organisation since you do not need to worry about any matter while dealing with us. Talk to our representative now for detailed information 020 34755769 or write us at

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